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July 3, 2011

Visit Our Blogs!

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To help you Visit Our Blogs, here’s the Directory of Our Blogs—the web address/link, contact information for each blog’s author(s), and a brief description of the scope, content and purpose of each blog.

The Home Page []:

WISR’s premier web community for social change

Contact:  WISR administration [ ], including John Bilorusky, PhD, WISR President [ ]
This is the site for recent news about the WISR community, announcements of upcoming events, online learning content, and blogs hosted by WISR students, faculty, alumni and friend—on topics related to progressive social change, alternative and innovative higher education and adult learning, participatory action-research, multiculturality and community improvement efforts.

Blogs by WISR Learning Commnity Members and Groups

1. Trauma and the Human Condition ] : Notes from the International Field

Author: Anngwyn St. Just, WISR MA and PhD alumna [ ]
Readers are invited to look beyond current concepts of trauma to include Nature, shamanic wisdom, cross-cultural, non-verbal, somatically oriented methods and an appreciation of the healing power of community. Topics include the special needs of traumatized women, healing powers of Nature, impact of war upon generations of family and cross cultural war trauma work in the former USSR. Dr. St. Just has traveled widely in North, Central and South America, Europe and Russia offering seminars and training programs focused upon innovative ways of healing individual and social trauma.

2. John Bilorusky’s Wisrville Blog ] : Promoting Curiosity and Justice in trying times

Author: John Bilorusky, PhD, WISR President and Core Faculty Member [ ]
This blog is written in the spirit of WISR’s founding principles and the commitments and wisdom of the many students, faculty and alumni with whom and from whom I have been fortunate to learn since WISR’s beginnings in 1975. This spirit includes a strong sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness, and a belief that we can potentially learn much from people in all walks of life. And yet, we also know that “mob-think” and media manipulation can bring out our worst impulses and blunt curiosity and inquiry. Like WISR, this blog will be an effort to spark curiosity, fuel inquiry, and mobilize action and create hope. Also like WISR, its aims include promoting democratic participation, social and economic justice, multiculturality, the urgency for environmental sustainability, and the modesty and curiosity to continue to inquire and learn from and with others.

3. Rosa’s Food For the Thinking [ ]

Author:  Rosa Reinikainen, MA, WISR Doctoral Student [ ]
Rosa says: “Welcome to my blog you change agents, you critical thinkers, you seekers of expanding consciousness. My intention for this blog is to bring intellectual, mental, emotional, and spiritual “Food for the Thinking”. Inspired by the revolution and social change, my hope is that this blog might nourish and stimulate thought so that me, the writer, and you, the reader might come away more full, more awake, more aware and more able to live as change agents.”

4. Minding the Workplace ]

Author:  David Yamada, JD, PhD, WISR Core Faculty Member and Alumnus [ ]
David Yamada tells us about his long-running blog on workplace bullying: “Since 2008 I’ve been hosting a blog, Minding the Workplace,
that features commentary and information on employment relations, workers’ rights, psychological health at work, related issues of education, economics, and politics, and — most of all — my specialty area of scholarship and advocacy, workplace bullying.  The blog is associated with the New  Workplace Institute, an entity I established that now is affiliated with Suffolk University Law School, where I am a law professor.”

5. Educating for a Change ] :  Learning from Exceptional Experiences in Recent Times and Throughout the Centuries

Primary Authors:  Marilyn Jackson,  PhD, Cynthia Lawrence, PhD, and David Yamada, JD, PhD–WISR Core Faculty Members and PhD Alumni of,, ]
A blog on learning and social change, including  community education, folk schools, altedavid rnative higher education, mainstream adult and higher education, and more.

6. Music and Social Change [ ] :  Just another wisrville blog

Primary Authors:  Marilyn Jackson and Cynthia Lawrence, WISR Core Faculty Members, and PhD alumnae [ and ]
This blog is about songs and music that are inspiring and motivational for social change and social change movements.  We are starting this blog around Labor Day in September 2010 in Berkeley, California.  We intend to post old and new song lyrics to discuss and hope to engage in dialogue as we learn the songs and about their history.  The song, Bread & Roses has been rolling around in my mind since I heard Judy Collins’ recording on Labor Day weekend.

7. Lifelong Learning [ ]

Author: Marilyn Jackson, PhD, WISR Core Faculty Member and Alumna [ ]
This blog is intended to be a place for lifelong learning, drawing inspiration from the folk school movement that began in Denmark.  Themes will include Grundtvig and the folk school movement which he inspired, social democracy and its relationship to popular education, the happiness factor linking popular education and social democracy, music, music and social change, films, Creation Spirituality, Lutheranism and more….

8. Environmental Justice [ ]

Author: Kyle Bilorusky, Berkeley City College Student, Volunteer at West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, [ ]
About this blog: In an era of rapid change it is crucial that all of us who are youth or young adults get involved in our communities. West Oakland Environmental Indicator Project is a great non profit and it would be great for youth to get involved with them or any other non profit that focuses on helping our community! I welcome everyone to get involved in their community. I encourage everyone to think critically about how you can help make the city and neighborhood you live in better and equitable. This may include developing a core group of friends that go to community centers or schools to educate youth about environmental justice and how to make a positive impact. 

Please note, as new blogs are added, this Directory will be updated periodically. To inquire about how you can have a blog on Wisrville, please e-mail WISR President, John Bilorusky [ ]



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