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July 6, 2011

Map of Wisrville

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To help you Visit Our Blogs, here’s the Directory of Our Blogs—the web address/link, contact information for each blog’s author(s), and a brief description of the scope, content and purpose of each blog.

The Home Page: ]: WISR’s premier web community for social change

Contact: WISR administration [ ], including John Bilorusky, PhD, WISR President [ ]

This is the site for recent news about the WISR community, announcements of upcoming events, online learning content, and blogs hosted by WISR students, faculty, alumni and friend—on topics related to progressive social change, alternative and innovative higher education and adult learning, participatory action-research, multiculturality and community improvement efforts.

A. Blogs by the WISR Community

1. Action Research [] : WISR’s methods for inquiry and social change

Authors: WISR Faculty and Students, contact John Bilorusky, WISR Core Faculty [ ], and others.
This is WISR’s blog and library of readings and resources on action-research. This is also the place to find news about upcoming and past WISR seminars on action-research, as well as discussions about issues, ideas and methods raised in those seminars. “Action-Research”–which at WISR includes qualitative approaches to social research, participatory research, community-based action-inquiry, and related methods–is a core area of knowledge, expertise and concern among WISR faculty, students and alumni. (more…)

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